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Teach with the NGSS, engage your classes in scientific discovery, and put the learning in your students' hands.  The Science Teacher Tribe is a one-stop course and community for teachers implementing the NGSS.

The Science Teacher Tribe Course & Community

students learning science by doing science

Your students aren't engaged.

They don't get the labs. They don't retain the information. No matter what you do, they just don't seem to care.

You're tired.

You're tired of lectures and notes and texts. You're tired of doing it the way you always have. You're tired of figuring it out alone.

You're overwhelmed.

The standards are confusing. You're not sure what to teach or how to do it. No one seems to know, and no one is there to help. 

Sound Familiar?


The good news?

Teaching the NGSS doesn't have to be a struggle, and you don't have to do it alone.

The Science Teacher Tribe + NGSS Your Science Class Course and Community is here to make it happen.

What Is iExploreScience?

nicole vantassel, iexplorescience

Hi! I'm Nicole VanTassel, founder of iExploreScience and the science educator behind the content and resources you will find in the Science Teacher Tribe Course and Community. I have  been diving into the NGSS since their release in 2013 in my own classroom, and in 2018 I decided to start serving the teachers who were struggling to put the Next Generation Science Standards* into practice by creating this professional development community.

I’ve always been known for my creative lesson planning – I love developing activities that get students actively learning, using their brains to puzzle out all of the wonders of our world, and taking ownership of their futures! It’s my WHY. And my goal is to bring these skills and approaches to your classrooms, too, as you work toward more NGSS-style instructional approaches. iExploreScience was created for you -- to support your transition to the NGSS and help you foster learning experiences where students are engaged and motivated to discover and learn.

Is The Science Teacher Tribe Right For YOU?
If You Have Ever Wished That...

someone would walk you through what the NGSS means for YOUR classroom...

there was a place you could get the right support, the right advice, and the right resources when YOU need them... 

you could grow and learn at YOUR convenience...

... so that you could up your NGSS game, create activities and lessons that fuel discovery and learning, and truly feel confident in your transition to the new standards... 

the Science Teacher Tribe is absolutely for you.

What Do Our Members Say?

Mariah R. - Kansas

While all of the resources are helpful, I utilize the Q&A support and private Facebook group on a very regular basis! (Poor Nicole!) She is always willing to help at whatever stage of planning I'm in. Even with content outside her area of expertise, she will aggressively Google and pull together at least something for me to start with. With her content areas, she is so great from start to finish… like thinking through my harebrained ideas and finding the good parts, refining existing lessons, or figuring out ways to incorporate NGSS -- she has helped me with all of it. My classroom teaching is so much better in just the few months I've been working with her. Nicole is outstanding at tweaking my ideas or steering me in a different direction without ever making me feel stupid or inexperienced. I can only imagine how awesome it is to be one of her students.

The Science Teacher Tribe Is...

a simple and flexible professional development opportunity designed to met YOUR needs -- whether you are just getting started with the NGSS or ready to take it to the next level. Your membership gets you the support you need when you need it through in-depth, self-paced workshops, live trainings, Q&A sessions, and community collaboration.

You don't need to piece together your transition to the NGSS any longer.

Let me walk you through it every step of the way.

Wondering Exactly What You Get When You Join The Science Teacher Tribe?


Flexible Learning

You get flexibility and personalized support. You get a step by step guide to implementing the standards through the NGSS Your Science Class Course. You get ongoing live trainings based on your needs. 



You get a community to celebrate with, commiserate with, and bounce ideas off of. You get supportive colleagues from across the country. You get someone to talk through the realities of your classroom. You get a tribe.


Tools + Resources

You get sample NGSS-aligned activities, instructional resources, and planning tools.

This is your one stop shop for quality and convenient NGSS learning.

Your NGSS transformation is just one click away.

Mary D. - New York

I have been having trouble finding resources that seem to be truly NGSS-aligned, but these activities have been so helpful! They really prompt students to analyze the phenomenon they're working with and come to an understanding on their own.

Kristen L. - Mississippi

I love these activities! The instructions were clear and the progression of knowledge seemed logical. I feel there is definitely a need for activities that cover these standards, and these are some of the best hands-on, inquiry-based activities I have seen so far. I love that you created a hands-on inquiry-based lab for a standard that might have seemed impossible to teach in this way.

What about the resources?

Choose a Plan That Works For You


monthly membership

flexible options

  • The Complete NGSS Your Science Class Course
  • Monthly Strategy Spotlight Live Trainings
  • Weekly All Access Pass Q&A Support
  • Sample NGSS-Aligned Materials
  • Planning Tools
  • Private Community



membership + mentoring

personalized support on demand!

  • The Complete NGSS Your Science Class Course
  • Monthly Strategy Spotlight Live Trainings
  • Weekly All Access Pass Q&A Support
  • Sample NGSS-Aligned Materials
  • Planning Tools
  • Private Community



(two one-    hour academic coaching calls/mo (academic year)

one one-hour academic coaching call/mo (June/July)




How To Design A 5E Lesson Sequence for the NGSS

 + Editable Planning Template

Use the guide and digital template to design your next 5E lesson sequence for the NGSS quickly and efficiently.  Make this complicated process simple and straightforward, integrating your phenomena with the three dimensions to create a fully-aligned learning sequence.

How are the workshops?

Kim G. - Illinois

Excited to have found this course. I have learned a lot from the first two workshops on bundling the standards and anchoring phenomena. For some reason, the way Nicole has presented the material has clicked with me more than any other resource I have found so far.

Ready To Transform Your Classroom?

and get instant access to sanity-saving professional development that meets your needs at your schedule.

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Curious What's Inside?
here are just a few of our workshops and resources...

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